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    • Product Name:SGH233 Thermal Conductivity Silicone Grease
    • Product Number:SGH233
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  • SGH233 Thermal Conductivity Silicone Grease


    ◆  Innocuous, smell-less and non-corrosive, excellent electrical insulating ability, perfect heat conductivity and low oil-sever percentage.

    ◆  This product is thermastable aging-resistant, its chemical property is stable and can be used for longtime at the temperature between -30℃ and +180℃ .

    ◆  Convenient to use and the coating procedure is simple .

    2、Main Application

    ◆  Applicable for interface between heating unit (such as CPU of the computer)and radiating equipment of electrical equipment;

    ◆  Surface coating of various microwave equipment such as microwave network, microwave special power supply and regulated power supply etc;

    ◆  It can be used as heat-transfer ,insulating and infill material of transistor and  semiconductor transistor.

    3、Typical Technical Data

    Detection Item

    Detection Result


    Buff or white paste solid

    Coefficient of Heat conductivity      W/m.k


    Voltage Breakdown Strength        KV/mm


    Volume Resistivity                Ω.cm


    Oil-sever Percentage            (200℃,24h)


    Penetration Degree           (25℃),0.1mm


    Fugitive Constituent            (200℃,24h)


    Metal corrupt test:(aluminum ,steel , copper)


    4 Package

    Packed in plastic barrel with net capacity of 1KG and other packaging as per request.

    5、Technical Service

    ◆  We provide full technical data of the product;

    ◆  Debug formulation of the product according requirement of customers, so it can meet special requirement of the product for  our customers;

    ◆  We welcome the users communicate,corporate and with our engineers, thereby seek a solution jointly by discussing.

    6、Matters Need Attention

    This product is innocuous, odorless and flavorless, it has no stimulative effective and harm to skin; It doesn’t contain flammable and explosive material, so no special requirement for transport ; This product must be stored in sealed, cool and dry conditions.

    Attention: The information contained herein are credible data we believed, However, because conditions and methods of use of our products are beyond our control, so we can’t ensure the validity and applicability of some usage . Before using the product, users should know the product carefully, then decide the best use by themselves.

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