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Baiyun sealant successfully applied on Handico Tower

Release date:2013-09-032 Source: Click:1294

Handico Tower was invested by Handico Group, it is one of the leading office building in Hanoi Vietnam.

Provide the top service offices to the company worldwide. it is one of the tallest high rise office buildings in Hanoi.

Baiyun Silicone sealant was chosen by the investors andcontractors of Handico Tower by its high performance quality.Curtain wall of Handico tower will be finished in the end of2013.

With several year development in Vietnam, Baiyun was accepted by many companies forits stable quality, high performance.etc. Now baiyun sealanthave been used in many high rise office building in vietnam.

Baiyun will continue its culture" Contribute the best products to the human".

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