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Baiyun Chemical Assists the Construction of Baiyun International Airport

Release date:2018-06-252 Source: Click:741

April 26, 2018, the Terminal 2 of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport was officially opened, with more spacious waiting environment, more advanced equipment and facilities and more beautiful decoration design. All of these have changed Baiyun airport from "1.0" to "2.0", marking that guangzhou Baiyun international airport, an important hub airport in China, has entered a new era of "double terminal" operation. The Baiyun airport is designed to handle 80 million passengers a year, making it a truly "world-class megastore hub". Baiyun sealant, showed its perfect performance in Baiyun airport after T1 building curtain wall was build. Later Baiyun Chemical also assists to the construction of Baiyun Airport T2.

Baiyun International Airport Terminal 1(T1), with a total construction area of about 300,000 square meters, broke ground in 2001 and officially opened on August 5, 2004, when it was the largest terminal in China.

T1 is made of glass curtain wall design, glass curtain wall is in the form of "point supported cable truss type", which is for light steel structure bearing frame, with high strength of prestressed cable structure flexible bearing system, the glass is installed on the strong point, so as to realize fully transparent effect, large space is one of the world airport building initiative. As the roof and walls of the building are curved, the height, difficulty and area (about 149,000 m2) of installing the new curtain wall are the largest in China and rare in the world.Because of this, owners, design institutes and construction parties are very cautious in choosing curtain wall sealant, quality and service is the first choice.After several rounds of sampling observation and comparison

In the era of word of mouth, the quality of sealant is not only based on word of mouth, but the quality also matters. After 15 years, the lean and perfect quality of Baiyun sealant has witnessed the booming development of terminal T1 and laid a solid foundation for the re-selection of terminal T2.

The whole-process service helps T2 get off safely.

T2 is the main core project of the expansion project of Baiyun airport. The main building of T2 (excluding the east fourth and west fourth finger gallery) has a total construction area of 630,000 m2, of which the curtain wall area is about 190,000 m2.The curtain wall project mainly adopts horizontal Ming shu implicit form and aluminum sheet curtain wall, glass curtain wall system of glass curtain wall in the form of three vertical Angle steel truss, the glass plate size is 3 m * 2.25 m, integral feeling is strong, transparent and beautiful.In the process of creation, T2 introduced the element of "white cloud", forming the theme of "cloud".The shape and space design of the building all express the feeling of "Baiyun - walking on cloud - flowing water", and express the feeling of "lightness, floating and flowing."

Choose in sealant brand on T2 building curtain wall engineering, Baiyun brand sealant for perfect application again on T1 terminal building curtain wall construction unit owners and highly endorsed, smooth landing brand library.The curtain wall project USES SS628 silicone structural sealant of Baiyun brand, SS511 silicone weatherproof sealant and DJ-A3-SS607 silicone fireproof sealant.

Lean perfect product quality is the foundation of building safety curtain wall, good service is the strong guarantee of safety construction of curtain wall. Over the past 33 years, Baiyun chemical industry has been adhering to the service concept of "professional, dedicated and dedicated", escorting tens of thousands of projects.

During T2 building curtain wall project construction process, Baiyun chemical technical service engineers take the initiative to provide complete the whole process of service for the project, including for construction units (building curtain wall co., LTD.) was a line's JiaoGong provide sealant knowledge training and communication system, the construction in the process of tapping experiment, on the wall before tapping, etc., to ensure the construction quality, so as to find problems in a timely manner, nip in the bud.

Airport runway is the most critical infrastructure, the airport runway like Baiyun airport runway landing to withstand hundreds of thousands of times a day, the runway pavement must be solid, stable, durable, and to ensure that in all weather conditions can provide sufficient support to aircraft.At present, most airport runways are made of man-made materials, usually asphalt, cement or a mixture of the two. The road surface of the new runway at Baiyun airport is made of cement concrete.And on the choice of concrete runway pavement sealing materials, because of a silicone joint sealant unique weather resistance, high elasticity, long service life etc, making it a concrete sealing, repair materials of the optimal choice.

Baiyun chemical has been working hard for more than ten years in the research and development and application of road surface sealant.Baiyun chemical research and development of special silicone concrete pavement joint sealant SS860, difference in polysulfide, polyurethane adhesive material, has excellent weathering resistance, service life is polysulfide, polyurethane sealant, 2 to 3 times, can greatly reduce maintenance costs.For decades, with the whole process of excellent performance and high quality service, Baiyun brand silicone sealant has been recognized by the lots of users, which is widely used in highway, railway, airport runway and high-speed pavement embedded sew frantic jumble track, etc.

For the airport runway pavement joint sealing material choices, Baiyun chemical again with excellent product performance and more than ten years in the domestic various pavement systems engineering project the successful application of the height of the Baiyun airport owner endorsed, successfully won the bid. At this moment, Baiyun chemical provides the new Baiyun airport expansion project, including airport runway, curtain wall engineering and fire-proof sealing system sealing solution, effective power new Baiyun airport expansion project construction of comprehensive security.

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