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Stand First on the List! Baiyun Chemical accounts for almost half of the annual super curtain wall projects in China.

Release date:2018-03-212 Source: Click:890

Recently, the China Curtain Wall Network released the exhibition collection of the shortlisted projects in the 13th 2017-2018 annual “My Favorite Curtain Wall Project”. It is noteworthy that the finalists were a total of 18 projects, among which eight projects selected Baiyun sealant!

Finalist Projects Information

According to the original report of China Curtain Wall Network, “the most used sealant brand for construction adhesives is Baiyun Chemical (8 projects) accounting for 44.4%, followed by GE (5 projects) accounting for 27.7%, Hangzhou Zhijiang (3 projects) accounting for 16.6%, and DowCorning (3 projects) accounting for 16.6%.”

As a professional industrial media, China Curtain Wall Network ( has held 12 consecutive AL-Survey large-scale readership survey activities in the curtain wall industry, and in each year "”My Favorite Curtain Wall Project” has been selected, indirectly reflecting the acceptance of the curtain wall project and the strength of the curtain wall enterprise involved in the project. Each session of the “My Favorite Curtain Wall Project” selection is hailed as “Luban’s Outpost” for its “new, novel, high and majesty" short-listed standards.

In this selection of sealant for the shortlisted projects, Baiyun sealant’s popularity is contributed to the philosophy of Baiyun Chemical for 32 years of “stressing the dominating position of sealant, the high quality, brand and innovation”, the excellent quality control and the national leading full process service, the high sense of responsibility, and the team of industry peers who share the same goal of building high-quality curtain walls as Baiyun Chemical. The records of ranking No.1 in over 30 industries, winning more than 200 patents and getting involved in over 100 standards setting at home and abroad mark the efforts Baiyun chemical has made in establishing a national benchmark for sealant enterprises and a global sealant leader brand with craftsmanship.

The times has given Baiyun Chemical unlimited possibilities to create, and the industry has given her abundant support to develop. Baiyun Chemical will continue to make contributions to the construction of more beautiful Chinese architectures with a heart of craftsmen and the heart for the nation, and strive to realize “a beautiful future and a brilliant life!”

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Curtain wall, also known as “architecture’s clothes”, can display the designers’ creative thinking, the manufactures’ superb craftsmanship and the excellent material quality. Construction adhesives, like the gold or silver lines in the goldsmith’s hands, cascading the gorgeous chapter of curtain walls. Now please follow the editor of Baiyun Chemical to appreciate eight “super curtain wall projects” which applied Baiyun sealant!

1. XiaMen International Center——a project with the most beautiful sea view. After 15 years of relentless efforts, it marks the tallest building in Fujian, redefining the “skyline” of Xiamen.

Location: Xiamen, Fujian

Height: 339.55m

Construction area: 62,000 m2

Type of curtain wall: glass curtain wall + aluminium sheet curtain wall

Area of curtain wall: 54,000 m2

Cost of curtain wall: 105 million yuan

Architectural features: XiaMen International Center, located at No.226 Lujiang Road, Siming District, is adjacent to Xiamen Haiwan Park and just across the water from the resort Gulangyu Island. The project is a comprehensive building integrating super-grade office buildings, modular offices, upscale clubs and sightseeing spots. The entire building is rectangular, with fa?ade decorated with glass curtain wall of light blue and pale silver; The main body is a complex system of framework + the core cylinder + giant support + story with outriggers + belt truss. It is the tallest building in Haixi, Xiamen.

2. Longyan Baixiang Jinghua Center—— the most fashionable twin tower project. Is the choice really more important than the effort? It is destined to become the absolute landmark in the very beginning!

Location: Longyan, Fujian

Curtain wall enterprise: Zhejiang Zhongnan Holding Group

Height: 180m

Construction area: 205,000 m2

Type of curtain wall: glass curtain wall

Area of curtain wall: 83,000 m2

Cost of curtain wall: 123 million yuan

Architectural features: The project is located in the commercial district of Xinluo District, Longyan City, Fujian Province. It adopts the arrangement of two crossed landmark tower buildings featured by convex and concave double floors with large slab unit systems, and the tower is a large-span double-layer framework cable support system. The curtain wall systems are in a variety of forms, including unit glass curtain wall systems, double-framed cable support glass curtain walls at the tower top, aluminum framed glass curtain wall systems, steel-aluminum framed glass curtain wall systems, skylight glass curtain walls, open stone curtain wall systems, open stainless steel curtain wall systems, etc. The overall appearance of the building is both massive, novel and full of the taste of the times, not only highlighting the concept of modernity and green science and technology, but also fully reflecting the high cultural quality and pursuit.

3. Nanjing Zhengda Himalaya Centre (Building C and D) —— the most beautiful Chinese-style project. Is this actually the curtain wall skin of the fa?ade built by human, not a landscape painting watched with AR glasses?

Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu

Curtain wall enterprise: Shanghai Jiesi Engineering Industrial Co. Ltd

Height: 120m

Construction area: 80,000 m2

Type of curtain wall: glass curtain wall + aluminium sheet curtain wall

Area of curtain wall: 40,000 m2

Cost of curtain wall: 39 million yuan

Architectural features: Nanjing Zhengda Himalayas Center is located at Nanjing South Railway Station in Nanjing. The tower appears to be a high mountain, with vertical window-shades allowing light in while offering shadow, providing the indoor space delightful light and wind flowing on the mountain and making it poetic. The tower plays the distant view of the high mountain and flowing water, and the water pond, waterfalls, stream, water pool and other water features within take over the image and make the metaphor concrete, blurring the boundary between distant view and close view, so as to make a fantastic painting full of poetry.

4. Hainan Binhai International Financial Center—— the greatest anti-typhoon project, standing on the second largest island in China, helps you not be fearful of storms and summer heat.

Location: Haikou, Hainan

Curtain wall enterprise: Hainan Sanhetai Curtain Wall Decoration Co., Ltd.

Height: 135m

Construction area: 67,000 m2

Type of curtain wall: glass curtain wall

Area of curtain wall: 35,400 m2

Cost of curtain wall: 41 million yuan

Architectural features: The project, located in the core area of CBD of Haikou Financial and Trade Zone, consists of two towers A and B and a two-storey commercial podium, with the main body of shear wall structure. The concave and convex blocks under novel and modern simplified design concepts outline the skipping space, display infinite vitality, and make a poetic vigorous life. The entire building facade adopts the 10 +12 +10 double silver L0W-E steel bridge-cut-off aluminum glass curtain wall, having the moisture-proof and anti-radiation effects and effectively reducing the noise from the main road as well. As for construction, the nearly 3,000 unit plates show zero defect and are all installed in accordance with the design requirements. It withstood the No. 21 Super Typhoon “Sarika”, and there was no structural problem and leakage event during construction.

5. The R & D Building of Zhuhai Xingye New Energy Industrial Park —— the project with the greatest feeling of technology. With natural lighting, smart ventilation, and photovoltaic generation with low carbon and energy conservation, this project has quite a few “black technologies”!

Location: Zhuhai, Guangdong

Curtain wall enterprise: Zhuhai Singyes Green Building Technology Co., Ltd.

Height: 75.55m

Construction area: 22,200 m2

Type of curtain wall: glass curtain wall + aluminium sheet curtain wall + photovoltaic curtain wall

Area of curtain wall: 23,600 m2

Cost of curtain wall: 16.47 million yuan

Architectural features: The design for the R & D Building of Zhuhai Xingye New Energy Industrial Park was inspired by the two lively new leaves in nature, whose full curves give the upward strength to the building, so it was named “GREEN YES”. The project has more than 40 innovative technologies and over 10 key technologies. After completion, the project is also the first LEED BD + C to have the largest single building area in South China: NC Platinum certification program. It is an ultra-low energy consumption green building.

6. No. 1 Zhongguancun —— the richest project. Any enterprise to settle down here in the future generally has the output value of over 100 100 millions!

Location: Beijing

Curtain wall enterprise: Beijing Xifei Century Curtain Wall Engineering Co., Ltd

Height: 86.7m

Construction area: 209,000 m2

Type of curtain wall: glass curtain wall + aluminium sheet curtain wall + stone curtain wall + ceramic board curtain wall

Area of curtain wall: 83,000 m2

Cost of curtain wall: 114 million yuan

Architectural features: No. 1 Zhongguancun is located in Yongfeng Industrial Base along Beiqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, and its curtain wall project was divided into A, B, C, and D the four areas, among which C and D were designed and constructed by Beijing Xifei Century Curtain Wall Engineering Co., Ltd. Curtain wall types include glass curtain wall (60%), stone curtain wall (15%), ceramic board curtain wall (15%), aluminum veneer curtain wall (5%) and other curtain walls (5%). Among them, area C is a unit curtain wall, the decorative line of the curtain wall is 540mm higher than the glass surface, and the LED light groove is reserved for the decorative line. Area D is a framed curtain wall, and the curtain wall project was completed in March 2017.

7. Dongxu International Centre —— the smartest project. With fully equipped facilities and convenient transportation, it provides convenient and caring services.

Location: Beijing

Curtain wall enterprise: Beijing Jayu Doors & Windows Curtain Wall Stock Co., Ltd

Height: 79.8m

Construction area: 85,000 m2

Type of curtain wall: glass curtain wall + aluminium sheet curtain wall + stone curtain wall

Area of curtain wall: 59,800 m2

Cost of curtain wall: 46.14 million yuan

Architectural features: Dongxu International Centre is located in the first row of Fengtai Technology Park, Zhongguancun and adjacent to the South Fourth Ring Road. Low-e glass curtain wall is adopted for the fa?ade, elegant and majesty, displaying a sense of business. The curtain wall types include frame glass, stone curtain wall and aluminum veneer curtain wall. In addition, the project took the lead in introducing the advanced “Internet +” service philosophy, offering a 360-degree fully closed service chain for the enterprises to create the five service system ---- “intellectual property, majordomo, i business circle, financial services, Dongxu Club” and 19 major platforms.

8. Beautiful Yunnan City of Flowers——the most ethnic style project. It is the world’s first flower-themed tourism complex. Kunming is the Spring City in China and the Flower City in the world.

Location: Kunming, Yunnan

Curtain wall enterprise: Suzhou Gold Mantis Curtain Wall Co., Ltd

Height: 124.2m

Construction area: 250,600 m2

Type of curtain wall: glass curtain wall + aluminium sheet curtain wall

Area of curtain wall: 150,000 m2

Cost of curtain wall: 150 million yuan

Architectural features: The Beautiful Yunnan City of Flowers project, located in East Baishahe Siwa Road, Kunming, consists of three parts --- the fashion shopping center, the world’s flower resources garden and a five-star resort hotel. The project takes the form of “flower” for the design of the building form and abstractly deforms the shape of flower. The overall design and the appearance treatment of the building are based on horizontal lines, and the low energy consumption glass is adopted for the fa?ade combined with a well-designed curtain wall system, creating a feeling of modernity. The entire project features that the geometric elements of the structure provided by the architectural modeling are the flower shapes enclosed by the spherical shell in the central flower bud around flower petals and the resources garden formed by the east tower and the west tower. The whole hotel complex is standing like a flower blooming in the “big garden”, with the architectural skyline running ups and downs, elegant and amazing.

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