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Bangladesh Developer Building Technology & Ideas Ltd visted Baiyun Company

Release date:2017-12-212 Source: Click:833

Bangladesh Developer Building Technology & Ideas Ltd visted Baiyun Company

The afternoon of 9th November, 2017, the representatives of Building Technology & Ideas Ltd.(Bangladesh) visited the headquarters of Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. after MIK Group(Vietnam)’s arrival. And Baiyun's vice sales director Wang Zonghui has warmly received the BTI Group.

BTI Group, based on the middle & high end real estate market, aims to pursuit of excellence, is one of the top ranking real estate investors in Bangladesh. It owns many luxury projects, including Premier Plaza, Orchard Place etc.

Welcome speech via vice sales director of Baiyun

Company introduction

The representatives of BTI Group, accompanied byBaiyunvice sales director Wang Zonghui, visited Baiyun’s Culture Gallery, advanced automatic production line of sealant industry in China and CNAS laboratory.

Guests visited the culture gallery

The most impressive scene appeared when guests stood in front of the 50-Years Durability Test curtain wall watching them carefully and asked a series of professional questions. They are quite impressed by the effort and courage of Baiyun to do the silicone sealant durability research as the pioneers on sealant industry.

Guests watching 50-Years-Durability Test Curtain Wall

“ Choosingthe right sealant, using the high quality sealant correctly! It’s hard to imagine how low quality sealant would do such kind of harm to a project! ”During the section of technical communication, the representatives of BTI group were surprised after listening to the presentation of The Importance of Silicone Sealant.

Technical Communication


Through this investigation, BTI group said that they are more confident on Baiyun’s high quality products and feel at ease with applying Baiyun sealants in the future projects

As one of the countries related to “One Belt, One Road”, now Bangladesh is becoming one of the trade hubs in South Asia. Along with their new construction projects rising, many developers, architects and contractorsrequire for high quality construction material especially sealants, when they have suffered a lot trouble from water leakage, pollution and oil leakage etc.. With the steps of local development ofBaiyun, its good quality and excellent whole process service starts to be widely recognized by customers.

Group Photo

In the future, Baiyun will continue to be dedicated to building the global leading brand of silicone sealant and will offer high quality products and excellent service to customersall around the world withits craftsman spirit and national responsibility.

/ 黄惠权

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