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News | An insight of the world to the millennial city of Commerce A refreshing stage pose of Guangzhou on Fortune Global Forum

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News | An insight of the world to the millennial city of Commerce

A refreshing stage pose of Guangzhou on Fortune Global Forum

December 6th. Guangzhou has witnessed the grand opening ceremony of Fortune Global Forum 2017. During the forum, global business elites have gathered here in Guangzhou, known as a flower city in China, for dialogues and discussions concerning the challenges and futures of the global economy.

Guangzhou, from ancient times to the present, has been a window to link China to the world. With the success of the 19th National Congress of CPC, China now has entered a new age of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Herein, Guangzhou, developing on the drive of innovation, aims at constructing itself as a hub city, connecting to the world and sharing with the world in its new look.

In celebration of the opening of Fortune Forum, Guangzhou Broadcasting Network has shot a series of television special - Connecting with the World, to serve a purpose of demonstrating new looks of enterprises, acting as new drives, in Guangzhou, the millennial city of Commerce.

Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. (Baiyun) is one of the brands that has been selected in the special. Together with other world-renowned transportation hub enterprises like Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Company, Guangzhou Port Group, Guangzhou Metro Group and etc., Baiyun has been one of the spokesmen for the innovative hubs in terms of finance, information technology, transportation, and creations. Baiyun expects to be one of the facilitators to help Guangzhou to share with the world with its inclusiveness and innovation through the Internet.

A rigorous selection has been conducted by Guangzhou Broadcasting Network for the shooting list. The capability of independent innovation, the brand popularity in the world, and the quality of the brand are three major criteria.

The reason why Baiyun stands out from a number of competitors is mainly because of its 32-year's insistence on the innovation idea of "dare to be the first, tolerate failure, lead the future"; its 32-year's insistence on the quality principle of "constant improvements and perfection"; its 32-year's insistence on the operation way of "Specialty Engrossment Concentration"; and its 32-year's insistence on the vision of "becoming one of the leading providers in the industry of sealant". For decades, Baiyun has been adhering to manufacturing the qualified and environmental-friendly products in humanistic concerns. Baiyun applies itself to a sustainable development with an innovative culture. Baiyun also strives to promote the further advancement of the industry by shouldering its own responsibility. As a result of that, the brand of Baiyun has been widely accepted by its users. The presence of Baiyun in Connecting with the World, the television special of the Fortune Forum offers Baiyun another chance to show its charisma to the rest of the world as an international brand.

As one of the preeminent suppliers in the industry of sealant manufacture, Baiyun, with its image of an innovative brand, presents audience with a sample of its product. It works not only as an adhesive in the construction of a number of skyscrapers including the Guangzhou West Power ( with a height of 440.4 meters), ranking as the highest building with a full hidden frame of glass curtain, but also as a new dynamic of China and the world. The Baiyun sealant, seems to be ordinary in its appearance, but benefits the whole world silently with its application in numerous airports, ports, train stations, automobiles, architectures, photovoltaic industries, electrommunication industries, etc.

In recent years, opportunities have been seized by Guangzhou in light of science and technology revolution as well as the industrial revolution. Thus, Guangzhou has outpaced others in innovation industries. Meanwhile, with the implementation of "Belt and Road" Initiative in China, the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the launching of the planning of the Guangzhou Shenzhen scientific and technological innovation corridor, Guangzhou will embrace an even more important status among the world economy. Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd will take this chance to develop itself with the pioneering spirit and responsible attitude. Baiyun hammers at defining the new altitude of the world sealant manufacture industry with a constant pursuit of excellence. Baiyun will contribute to the world with "China's intellectual creation".

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