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The Belt and Road: Baiyun Chemical in Thailand

Release date:2017-09-112 Source: Click:784

Belt and Road has made remarkable achievements, which does not only bring unlimited opportunities for the relative countries but also benefits all kinds of enterprises.

In the past couple of decades, Baiyun Chemical dedicates to build the global leading brand of silicone sealant. Meanwhile, excellent products and service is recognized by the countries related to the project. By the hard work of Baiyun people in the world, we opened up a column Belt and Road, which to presents wonderful observations from these countries.

Today, we are going to tell the story of Baiyun Chemical in Thailand.

Whenever people mention Thailand, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful beach, green tropical trees and magnificent temples. Thailand, known as the "Thousand Buddha Kingdom”, is a 700-years-old Buddhist country.Thailand has beautiful environment, rich natural resources and highly-developed tourism.

Thailand is located in the important strategic position of the Silk Road of“The Belt and Road ". During Zheng He’s seven naval expeditions, he traveled to Southeast Asia many times, which includes Thailand.

Sambo Buddha.

Su Ti, Thai Deputy Minister of the Interior, has said: “It is said that Zheng He had been to Thailand twice. Gan Yana Temple in Bangkok and Sambo Buddha in Ayutthaya can prove that Zheng has relationship with ancient Thailand. (Quoted from Chinanews)

From the 1850s to the 1930s, a large number of Chinese immigrated to Thailand.There are about 9 million Chinese in Thailand now, which accounting for 14% of the total population.Most of them integrate into the local environment.

Thailand has become the second largest economy in Southeast Asia.And it has been regarded by the international community as an investment with great potential. In February, Thai Prime Minister Prayuth officially announced Thailand's new economic development model, which will attracts foreign investment, technology and talent.

The new economic development model, so called “Thailand's 4.0 strategy” is committed to transforming Thailand's strengths in biological and cultural diversity into economic competitive advantages, thereby developing a new national economic development engine, which is similarity to China's "The Belt and Road" strategic policy and "Made in China 2025" plan.

As a leading brand of silicone sealant, Baiyun Chemical strives to "The Belt and Road" strategic policy and thus entered Thailand's sealant market very early. Reliable products of Baiyun Chemical insure the safety of local high-end projects, such as the 270-meter Canapaya Residence Tower.

Canapaya Residence Tower

Total height: 270 meters/ 57 floors;

Large glass plate size, the largest plate size is 2595mm * 3031mm;

Applied: BAIYUN SS922 SuperPerformance Silicone Structural Sealant, SS622 High Performance Structural Sealant and SS811 Silicone Weather-proofing Sealant;

Designer: P & T Architects & Engineers.

With the continuous development in Thailand market, Baiyun chemical has obtained high recognition from owners, consultants and construction organizations.

Due to the deepening strategic partnership between China and Thailand, many areas have made great progress. Sino-Thai relations have become a model for cooperation between China and ASEAN countries. More and more countries are looking forward to being invested by China.

Chinese brands are ready to embrace Thailand with a world-class business attitude. Baiyun Chemical will play its role on the field of sealants professionally and change the impression of the Chinese brand.

Next time, we will introduce the story of Baiyun Chemical with Belt and Road in Vietnam.

Stay tuned.

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