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The Belt and Road: Baiyun Chemical in Bangladesh

Release date:2017-08-252 Source: Click:2256

Belt and Road has made remarkable achievements, which does not only bring unlimited opportunities for the relative countries but also benefits all kinds of enterprises.

In the past couple of decades, Baiyun Chemical dedicates to build the global leading brand of silicone sealant. Meanwhile, excellent products and service is recognized by the countries related to the project. By the hard work of Baiyun people in the world, we opened up a column Belt and Road, which to presents wonderful observations from these countries.

Today, we are going to tell the story of Baiyun Chemical in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh, which located in the northeastern of South Asian, is an important country in the Belt and Road project. Its east, west and north are bordering India. The southeast is adjacent to Myanmar and the south is facing the Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh, the intersection of the three major economies in Asia, is the bridge and link of multi-party cooperation. The ancient Silk Road arrived in Bangladesh through Myanmar. Zheng He, an envoy of Ming dynasty, led seven naval expeditions, passing Bangladesh every time.

In May this year, the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was held in Beijing. As a representative of Baiyun Chemical, I was just on a business trip to Bangladesh. When talking about the Belt and Road, the customer said: “This is the revival of the ancient Silk Road, and it will substantially improve the trade present situation of China and south Asia. More and more Chinese companies will take this opportunity to get development overseas. Baiyun Chemical is a good example!

Baiyun Sealant is been used in Sheraton Dhaka Hotel

Another Bangladeshi client recalled history, "My ancestors were a stevedore of Chittagong in the Ming Dynasty. During Zheng He’s naval expeditions, we sent the giraffe to the Ming Dynasty. The transit port was exactly Chittagong and my ancestors were also involved in the transfer. "

“Kylin Drawn by Some Ming Painter”

Bangladesh, called "Bengala" in the ancient time. In history, the king of the Bengala had sent envoys to transport Kylin twice, as a tribute to Ming Dynasty in the AD 1414 and AD 1438. It was later confirmed that Kylin is a giraffe actually. (Quoted from the "Guangzhou Daily") The customer said: "I believe that even now, China always plays as a leading role of worldwide trading. In the meanwhile, we should let more people know Baiyun Chemical, an excellent Chinese brand and the leader of sealant industry.

Today, many owners, architects and construction organizations were troubled with the fake sealant, which has caused a series of very serious effect. For instance, the curtain wall of a local landmark projects has been polluted, and the glass from the curtain even fell down! All these tragedy happened in less than one year. Why? Because the unscrupulous construction organization, which was driven by the interests, used false sealant of an international famous brand!

Learning about this situation, Baiyun Chemical provided professional technical services immediately and gave systematic solutions for the local customer. They are very satisfied with our services and purchased Baiyun silicone sealant for repair work at once, which help to restore the loss to the greatest extent.

After this event, Baiyun sealants’ excellent quality and “The whole process of service” has been widely acclaimed in the local.

Baiyun Sealant is been used in Bashundhara Convention Center

Baiyun Sealant is been used in Gulshan Central Point

Baiyun Sealant is been used in Simple Tree

May 2016, Baiyun Chemical Twenty-fifth Sealant Construction Skills Training Course held in Bangladesh. The course, which contains many theoretical knowledge and vivid technical drills, accessed great recognition of local customers.

November 2016, Baiyun Chemical brought green, environmentally friendly sealant products to Bangladesh International Building Materials Exhibition.

Bangladesh, with its unique geographical location, plays an important role in the trade market of South Asian. There are numerous goods from all over the world in the Chittagong.

Dedicated to build the global leading brand of silicone sealant is Baiyun Chemical’s business vision. Through Belt and Road, Baiyun Chemical will make great contribution to Bengal construction market. Our excellent products will guarantee the quality and safety of the local curtain wall, which also contributing the modernization of "Chinese Brand”.

Next time, we will introduce the story of Baiyun Chemical with Belt and Road in Indonesia.

Stay tuned.

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