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How is the performance of silicone sealant after 20 years?

Release date:2017-08-182 Source: Click:693

How long can the curtain sealant be used safely?

Not only the curtain wall industry is very concerned about this problem, but also Baiyun chemical industry has been deeply study of this subject for years.

Natural Weather Exposure Test (Natural aging)

The sample is placed in a natural climate environment, exposed to the sunlight, temperature, oxygen and other climatic factors. By measuring its performance changes, we evaluated the durability of the sealant. Due to the similarity of the actual use of sealant environment, the test will lead to a more reliable conclusion.

Baiyun Chemical, as a modern high-tech enterprises and sealant industry leading enterprises which work for over 30 years of innovation and development of the history, has strong sense of responsibility. Baiyun is always concerned about the safety of curtain wall sealants and pioneering the aging research in the industry.

In 1997, Baiyun Chemical has built a glass curtain wall which expected to be exposing 50 years in the company square. And the lab obtains the sealant anti-aging performance data from the curtain wall regularly.

This glass curtain wall has used BAIYUN SS621 silicone structural sealant and BAIYUN SS611 silicone weather sealant which passed the 6000Pa tri-test of Administration of Construction Engineering Quality and Safety Supervision of Guangdong Province, reaching to the national level.

Till now, this curtain wall has been exposed under the natural environment for 20 years(1997 ~ 2017)!

How exactly this glass curtain wall's sealant performance after 20 years?

Next, the technical engineers of Baiyun Chemical will decrypt how to select a unit from the curtain wall and then dismantle, sample, test and install it.

Step 1: Cut off the weather proof sealant.

Select a unit, cut off the sealant around the glass.

Step 2: Remove the unit.

Loosen the screws of the frame and then remove the assembling unit of glass and the sub-frame.

Step 3: Cut off the sub-frame, draw the sealant.

Cut three sub-frames of 10cm long, run a pull test.

Step 4: Take the sealant sample.

Cut a structural sealant of 50cm long, as a sample of re-adhesive test.

Step 5: Repair the sub-frame.

Attach the sub-frame to the glass by epoxy glue, structural sealant and U-shaped aluminum bar.

Step 6: Install the unit.

Assemble the glass and the sub-frame, make them back into the curtain wall and inject weather proof sealant.

Step 7: Record and mark

For the silicone structural sealant, the technical engineers of Baiyun Chemical adopted a re-bonding method and drawing test method during this test.The maximum strength and maximum strength elongation of sealant were obtained by these test methods.Thus the performance of the structural sealant was evaluated comprehensively.For the silicone weather proof sealant, the Shaw hardness test method and the hand pulling test were used to evaluate its performance.

Test results

After 20 years of natural aging, the performance of Baiyun Chemical’s sealants is still able to meet the relevant national standards.

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