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Baiyun has been invited to attend the ASTM C24 Conference in Canada

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In 11-15th, June, 2017, the Summer Conference of Building Seals and Sealants(ASTM C24) held by ASTM International, and "the Sixth Seminar on Durability of Construction Seals/ Sealants " was successfully held in Toronto, Canada.

As a member of ASTM, Baiyun has specially appointed its technical director, Mr.Zhang, as a representative to attend this grand meeting.

Baiyun Technical Director Mr.Zhang presents at the meeting in Toronto

This Seminar is jointly organized by ASTM C24 and the Japanese Construction Research Institute, totally 18 Subject Reports were released on this seminar, including: the return visiting on projects with structural sealant over 30years, the Evaluation of Sealant's durability , An Analysis on the Causes of Butyl Sealant losing function, the Influence of Fatigue of Secondary Sealants on the Insulating-Glass's Sealing Property, the Durability Research on Polyurethane& SMP Sealant, the Adhesive Sealing Solutions to Large-Scale Wind Power Equipment, Research on Sealant Plasticizer, etc.

·Background Explanation--ASTM International

ASTM International, was previously named American Society of Testing and Materials, which was founded in 1898, it was an important international standardization organization, now there're over 12000 ASTM standards are being widely used in global. The organization was renamed as ASTM International in 2001, to explain that the formulation and application of ASTM Standards are worldwide available, without regional restriction.

Baiyun has a long term relationship with ASTM C24:

·In 2003, Baiyun has attended the First Seminar on Durability of Construction Seals/ Sealants, and made a report on the topic-- "The History and An Outlook on the development of Chinese Structural Sealant".

·In 2011, on the Forth Seminar, Baiyun has given another speech named "Study on the Test of Silicone Sealant in Existing Curtain Wall" , firstly introduced "The Re-bonding Method", which is invented by Baiyun, and aimed at testing the strength of structural sealant on existing curtain wall. This new method has been written into many Chinese standards, and are being used by many foreign companies, to test the structural sealant on existing curtain walls.

Mr.Zhang spoke on the previous Seminar

·Background Explanation--ASTM C24

There're more than 100 technical committees were set up under ASTM, C24, as the committee of Building Seals and Sealants, is mainly engaged in the formulation of standards, specifications and guidance on building seals and sealants, the well known Structural Sealant Standards ASTM C1184, Weatherproofing Sealant Standards ASTM C920, and the Structural Glazing Guidance ASTM C1401, were all formulated by ASTM C24.

ASTM C24 includes 9 Sub-committees:

·C24.01 The Terminology of Building Seals and Sealants

·C24.10 Specifications, Guides and Practices

·C24.20 General Test Method

·C24.30 Bonding

·C24.40 Weathering Aging

·C24.61 Foam Sealant

·C24.73  Compression Seal and Lock Strip Gaskets

·C24.87 International Standard

·C24.90 The Executive Committee

ASTM C24 Committee Conference is usually held twice a year, each in January/June. As a long term member, Baiyun is always actively participated in the formulation of Sealants related standards.

Besides the Committee Conference of discussing standard formulation, since from 1967, ASTM C24 started to hold the Seals/Sealants related Seminar every 2-3 years, in 2003, the Seminar was named "The Seminar on Durability of Construction Seals/ Sealants".

Baiyun's Enterprise Responsibilities

Baiyun is always dedicated to building the global leading brand of Silicone Sealant, always devoted to the Internationalization Procedure of Chinese Sealant Industry. Besides ASTM C24, Baiyun also participated in the ISO Standard Formulation of Silicone Sealants and spoke for China. The company self-owned CNAS Laboratory, is also the first lab in the whole industry, whose testing capability can cover all five standards, including GB, ASTM, ETAG, ISO and Industry Standard.

Baiyun is always working hard, with a high-profile to lead the Chinese sealant industry, Baiyun keeps exploring in high end technology, always brings innovative ideas into practicing.

As a Baiyun people, our goal is to contributes to help Chinese Sealants Industry going abroad and standing on the top of the world!

--Edited by Kris Ke

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