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Guangzhou IFC-Different angles to see the World tallest hidden Frame Curtain Wall Project

Release date:2017-06-052 Source: Click:677

BAIYUN Skyscrapper--Guang Zhou International Financial Centre.
Project Name: Guangzhou IFC
Total Height: 440.0m
Storey: 103floors
Archiectural Designer: ARUP, Wilkinson Eyre
Construction Period: 2005-2009.
Curtain wall unite size: 6.0x1.5/4.5x1.5m
>>>Features: Guangzhou IFC is the world highest Hidden-Frame Supported Glass curtain wall.
BAIYUN Silicone Model: SS911,SS921(High Performance).

>>>>Here's some amazing photographs of GuangZhou IFC: after night fall, in the dawn, in the cloud and from some special angles of view. 

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