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Baiyun Chemical Curtain Wall Safety Application Forum” held in Haikou

Release date:2014-08-192 Source: Click:1524

 After Baiyun No.6 Silicone Sealant Application Skills Training Course on August 8th ,  Baiyun

Chemical Curtain Wall Safety Application Form was held in Haikou. Executivesof real

estates company, leaders of curtain wall industry and others in curtain wall industry were

invited to join the forum.

 Mr.Miao, General Manager of Baiyun Chemical, delivered a speech to welcome guests. Mr. Miao

emphasizesthe importance of curtain wall safety, and illustrates Baiyun’s revisit to customers’ curtain

wall, showing that Baiyun is always customer-oriented and focuses on curtain wall safety.

 After Mr.Miao’s speach, Mr.Zhang, Manager of Technology Department gave a presentation

on sealant technology. Basing on problems occurred in Hainan’s customers, Mr. Zhang analyzed

the situations and provided solutions. He also shared experiences and ideas with guests.

Mr. Miao delivered a speech

Mr. Zhang's presentation

Guests shared opinions with each other

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